Father’s Day 2010

I often write about Heart Moms, and how much they stand up for their Cardiac Kid. Mess with their child, and you’ve just unleashed a force you do not want to deal with.

Very few times do we hear about the other half of the equation: the Heart Dads. Heart Dads have to change their entire outlook on life, and it goes against everything that Dads stand for. A good dad wears many hats, but his main job is to protect and defend his family. He provides them with a stable home and makes sure everyone has their daily needs met.  And then the parents learn that their child has a major illness.

“Take care of the family”… how exactly do you fight something like a heart defect? “As best you can,” or “One day at a time,” are the usual answers, but those words don’t help. A Heart Dad may feel like a failure because this is something he can’t solve, a problem he can’t fix. Hitting the wall and shouting “I just don’t know what to do!” won’t help, so men bite it back and keep our frustrations inside. And it eats at us.

You have to trust people who you’ve probably just met with your child’s life, and for a father, that is very hard to do. Take my child away and do surgery? No way. That’s probably why men seem to have so much difficulty in the Surgical Waiting Rooms. Because real men take care of their own problems.

No… a real man understands that as much as he want to fix this problem himself, he can’t do it. So he does the only thing that he can do: he finds someone who can make everything better.

He gives his child a fighting chance.

Happy Father’s Day to the dads of sick kids everywhere

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2 Responses to “Father’s Day 2010”

  1. Bea Almaguer Says:

    Thanks for writing this. It’s all so true and us heart mom’s are so busy with our worries and sometimes forget about how CHD affects dads. My husband has been a wonderful provider and protector of our family. And now that he’s retired, he’s taken on most of the mommy duties too! I will make sure and make this father’s day special for him because he truly deserves it! Thank you for your words:)

  2. Becki Mobley Says:

    Your words are so true. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be a CHD father as I am the CHD mommy. I admire my son’s father for being so strong & brave & letting go when we needed to so that someone else could fix his heart. Happy Father’s Day to all of our Special CHD Daddies!

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