“Houston, we have a problem!”

We’ve run into a little problem with the Hearts Re-United event (.pdf file) in Houston. Not really a problem, but rather an inconvenience.

The meetings are not being held at the host hotel, but at two separate venues. No problem there. But one venue does not have Wi-Fi. The other one does, but it is a private system for employees only. So live blogging the event may not be possible.

I do enjoy reporting the event as it happens (and readers seem to enjoy following along) but if that is not possible, I’ll switch to Plan B. Plan B is simple – a pencil and notebook (the paper kind). I’ll take good notes and write a blog post later. A lot of information is discussed at these Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Conferences and hopefully some of it will be useful to you.

My presentation takes place on Saturday July 24, followed by a question and answer session with adult survivors. I’ll post a copy of my presentation online after I give it.

Houston in July could be just a bit warm (YA THINK?) and I am glad to say that I have a new hat! My old hat is still in Durham, North Carolina, as far as I know. I packed my suitcase after the Saving Little Hearts/Mended Little Hearts CHD Symposium last year and completely forgot about my hat as I checked out… total bummer! It probably went to the hotel Lost and Found, but hopefully by now someone has given it a good home.

I am looking forward to the trip and to meeting a new group of Cardiac Kids and their parents! Will I meet you there?


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