Funky Heart on Facebook!

Many of you follow me on my facebook page, but this is something different. I’ve created an Adventures of a Funky Heart! Facebook page, and if things go well it will have a lot more content that your average Funky Heart! post.

I check nearly 200 online sources each day looking for items to pass along to my readers. I see things that are great material, but for some reason I just can’t use them. Perhaps they don’t fit in with what I’m planning to write, or it is a great story that doesn’t have anything to do with the heart. Sometimes I find something that I just like, because I’ve got a strange sense of humor.

What I usually do is mark the article and save it anyway, just in case I can find a way to work it into a Funky Heart! post. Sometimes I can, but too often I can’t. So my plan is to make the Facebook page a “behind the scenes” view of what’s going on. You might see something that is heart related that I just can’t use at the moment. World Wide Web links are like fresh produce, you have to use them before they go stale!

Inner voice: “Steve, you just doubled your workload.”

Me: “I know. But I try to publish Funky Heart every weekday, this doesn’t have to be updated every day. And sometimes I can just publish the link.”

Inner Voice: “OK, guess you know what you are doing.”

Me: “I don’t, but I think it will be fun!”

So, I’m going to try this for a while. If it proves to be too much work I’ll shut it down, but I think it will be a lot of fun; both for you and for me. Things are so new that you’ll want to bring a dropcloth to sit on, I’m still working on the place. I don’t even really have the web address yet, just go to facebook and search for Adventures of a Funky Heart. The page is listed as a website.

Suggestions, comments, and ways to improve the page are welcome, either here or on Facebook.


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