An Important Visitor!

Comb your hair, everyone! We’ve got company!

It’s been a busy day around here, some last-minute travel plan changes had to be settled so no long post tonight. While I was looking through some material to see if there was anything that grabbed my attention, I need to remind you that this Saturday is the Saving Little Hearts/Mended Little Hearts CHD Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin. I had the honor of speaking at last year’s Symposium; I met a lot of great Heart Moms and Heart Dads. The sessions were very informative – when I get the chance to speak at a Congenital Heart Defect conference, I don’t just show up for my little part of it and then disappear. I hang around, attend the sessions and meet the people! There is always something new to be learned and people to meet! So if you are in that part of the world, GO to the Symposium. I would go back if not for my own trip to Houston next week.

I cleaned out Funky Heart’s spam filter this afternoon and found a message from a Mrs. Michelle Obama! Now where have I heard that name before…? It escapes me. Actually, I thought Mrs. Obama had better things to do, but she’s been hanging around at I bet that’s why her email was stuck in the spam filter. I also checked out our the statistics page, we’ve had some interesting people drop by.

One guy stopped by after searching for the phrase Anti Organ Donation. Umm…. not here, buddy. You need to move on; I’m very much in favor of organ donation.

Medical Journals was another search engine entry. Plenty of those here!

Another person stopped by after searching for the phrase Scars are hot! (compete with exclamation mark). You got that right! Hey, if you happen to be a single young lady, stop in again and leave your phone number!


4 Responses to “An Important Visitor!”

  1. alarahelp Says:

    Scars are hot! Maybe I’m saying it because I have one. But hey, high self-esteem never hurt anyone, right?

  2. Jill Haskins Says:

    Scars are hot! That is funny! I love your sense of humor!

    If Michelle Obama is coming here, I guess I should behave with my comments huh? no more calling you old man?! :o)

  3. carolyn Says:

    yeah, I was going to say stay away from those young single ladies “old man”!!!!! LOL perhaps someone your own age! 🙂

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