Heading for Houston!

Getting my plans together today to travel to Houston, Texas, for Hearts Re-United 2010! Hearts Re-United is a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) weekend conference sponsored by Hypoplastic Right Hearts. Hypoplastic Right Hearts is a national CHD Support Group offering support for Heart Defects that affect the right side of the heart.

Our hotel is going to be the Hyatt Regency Houston, but the conference meetings won’t be held there.  We’ll meet Friday at the Houston Children’s Museum and on Saturday at the Houston Downtown Aquarium. At each location the parents and adults will be in the meeting rooms “talkin’ ’bout hearts” while the children are chaperoned in the exhibit areas.

I’ll be liveblogging both Friday and Saturday if possible – Not only do I have a new laptop (which I am still trying to figure out!) but also Wi-Fi access is limited in both locations. Plan B is to take good notes and post when I return to the hotel, but hopefully I can blog the meeting as they occur. Also I will be speaking on Saturday, and I will post the text of my presentation as soon as possible.

I’ll have to pace myself a little more than usual – hot and humid weather can be rough on a CHDer, so you have to take it a little easy. But with good planning and a good hat, the heat can be overcome. But be careful…. there is a fine line between overcoming the heat and letting the heat overcome you! Hopefully no one will have that problem!

I’ll get to meet a lot of Cardiac Kids and their parents while in Houston and I’m really looking forward to it! See all of you soon!

I’ll be there Thursday night;


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3 Responses to “Heading for Houston!”

  1. Jill Haskins Says:

    safe travels steve!!!! when do you leave?!

  2. Jan Says:

    Sorry I am going to miss getting to meet you at HRU. I know all my HRH family will keep you busy 🙂 Enjoy your trip, travel safe, and I will be looking forward to your posts…

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