I was stupid.

i was walking through the airport last night intent on getting my bag and then to the hotel when I tripped over someone’s luggage. flat on my face I went.

i went to the hospital as a precaution. my right wrist is not broken but is in a splint. 4 stiches in my upper lip. left hand banged up.

so I am at the hotel, not going to todays session and may not blog tomorrow. (typing this with one hand.) I still hope to speak sturday and will post that – it isalready in the computer.

I apologize to everyone looking forward to the reading today.

8 Responses to “OUT OF ACTION”

  1. mendedlittlehearts Says:

    Steve – I am holding you in my heart today!!!

  2. Jan Says:

    Something good can come of this. It shows parents that *we* get our bumps and bruises and we survive them.

    Take it easy and get your rest.

  3. jill haskins Says:

    oh nooooo!!!!!! Feel better soon!!!!

  4. Laura Says:

    Oh no! So sorry you got hurt:-( hope you feel better soon.


  5. Kerri Says:

    Oh no! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. ashleyburgess Says:

    Oh no!!!! I’m praying for a super speedy recovery!!

  7. Gina Dyke Says:

    I am sooooo sorry to hear that! Take care of yourself!

  8. Shannon Carter Says:

    Oh no Steve!! I hope you’re feeling better soon!!

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