Action This Day!

More bloodwork today, and a doctor’s appointment later this week. As I have said before, I don’t just have a doctor, I have a medical team! They really come in handy until something unusual happens. Then it seem that every last one of them wants to schedule a follow-up appointment! I have seen my primary care doctor (his stand-in, actually, as this past week was his vacation) and my newest doctor, an Orthopedic specialist. I’ve been in contact with my Cardiologist’s office by e-mail and checked my pacemaker by telephone. When I fell I landed on that section of my abdomen so I scheduled a pacemaker check to see if there had been any damage – thankfully it is responding just fine. So I think I have checked in with just about everyone!

I’m ready for the wrist to be better, for all these bruises to heal, and to put this behind me. I haven’t walked in two weeks, and patience is not always one of my virtues! British Prime Minister Winston Churchill would often write the phrase Action This Day when he wanted something done NOW, and eventually he started using large red stickers with the phrase.

I’m like that, too – I haven’t walked since my fall (July 22) and I can feel it. I want my knees to get better right now so I can walk instead of waddle. They’re coming along, slowly…. not nearly as fast as I would like! Exercise of any kind does my weak heart good, but right now I’m on the sidelines and I hate it!

Churchill also did most of his work at a stand-up desk, perhaps I need one of those, too!

Action This Day;


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2 Responses to “Action This Day!”

  1. cindy Says:

    Hope you feel better soon Steve!

  2. Leah Says:

    Steve, we’ll keep you in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Anytime you have medical issues going on, it’s frustrating. Know that people are thinking of you.

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