I went to see my local primary care doctor yesterday, and he removed the stitches from my lip. That wasn’t fun! I have an unusual outlook on pain: You say I must have heart surgery? Give m a little time, and I can mentally prepare for it. I’ll be as tough as I have to be. But give me a chest cold, a little bout with food poisoning, or fall in an airport, and I wimp out! I just can’t stand it!

So getting the stitches out of my lip was quite the experience, but now they are gone. The doctor also looked at my right arm and didn’t really like what he saw. He ordered a second set of X-Rays and sent me to a specialist.

Sure enough, that wrist is broken. Actually there is a crack in the bone and it is not dislocated, which means everything stayed in its proper place. So now I am in a smaller splint (my original splint was from fingertips to elbow) and a sling. I have to see him again in two weeks.

It’s a little bit frustrating – you can type one-handed, but not much else – but I amgetting used to it. And I’m not trying to do too much; the doctor never mentioned the word surgery and I am doing my best to keep those thoughts out of his mind!


6 Responses to “Busted!”

  1. Carolyn Compton Says:

    speedy recovery Steve.

  2. Rhonda Says:

    OH my goodness..I missed this..I am so sorry Steve!! Will be praying for you!! 🙂

  3. Shannon Carter Says:

    Goodness Steve! I was hoping you were getting better by now, not finding out that you have more going on!

    Praying for a speedy recovery!

  4. Dorothy Says:

    😦 so sorry… if it makes you feel any better we ALL appreciate you coming to Hearts Reunited SO much!!!! SO So very sorry you have more to deal with rather than less……

  5. Dorothy Says:

    Well I know it wasn’t my fault ( nobody can prove ANYTHING lol) but still I feel terrible you had such issues doing something so wonderful for us…

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