A Heart Mom’s knowledge

There is a new post up at the blog of The Mended Little Hearts of Southwestern Pennsylvania titled Some silly things (and not so silly things) I’ve learned from CHD. Regretfully the author did not sign her name, but I’m willing to bet that many a woman could make a similar list:

7. I can have an entire conversation using nothing but acronyms and understand the entire thing.

10. Lobby Congress….Interesting that I never actually knew I could go to my representatives and ask them to do something for me. (I wonder if she has been a part of Lobby Day! If you were, I am sorry I missed you! – Steve)

Somewhere along the line as I was raised I always thought things like this didn’t happen to “me” Not because I was better than anyone…just because…It just wouldn’t.

It’s some great writing – click HERE to read the entire thing.

TWO UPDATES: As you can see from the comment below, Andrea Baer is the author of Some silly things (and not so silly things) I’ve learned from CHD. And Joshua has arrived, weighing in at 8 pounds 1 ounce!


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2 Responses to “A Heart Mom’s knowledge”

  1. Andrea Baer Says:

    Hi Steve! I was the author. 🙂 And also we did meet at lobby Day!! My husband and I were there. and we met at registration. Brett and Andrea Baer

  2. Dr. Anders Cohen, brooklyn, NY Says:

    From the looks of it, she wrote it from experience and lots of mothers can relate from it.

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