A victory, and a loss

At last report Joshua is still doing well. His parents got to see him; he is on a vent but not on the ECMO. There has been no update in four hours, so I am assuming his parents are getting some much needed rest.

But I have also received word that Lori B. was scheduled to have Mitral Valve surgery last week and it did not go well….she fought long and hard, but it was just too much. Her life support was disconnected this afternoon.

I don’t know Lori, but reading her Heart Valve Journal entries it seems that she leaves behind a husband and two children. Hold her family close to your heart in the coming days.

One Response to “A victory, and a loss”

  1. Jill Haskins Says:

    Here is our update!!!!! :o) I just updated facebook and my blog with pictures.

    Joshua is doing fantastically. He is having a few issues with low blood pressure, but it’s being controlled with medication right now. He’s not had any other issues at all. We are so happy with how well Joshua is doing.

    Thanks for posting about us and for thinking about us! :o)

    We will be praying for Lori’s family.

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