What a day it has been…

Joshua needs some more of your love and attention. They closed his chest today, but his Blood Pressure dropped and everyone got really worried. It’s back up now.

One of the commenters on his mom’s blog noted that this was part of “the shuffle”…. two steps forward, three steps back. But he’s hanging in there! Joshua’s momma describes herself as “fierce and feisty!” and apparently she’s handed down some of those fightin’ genes. But it’s a wild rollercoaster ride, and no one is throwing up their hands and shouting “Wheeeeeeeee!” There is way too much at stake.

If you’ve been there, you know that when Joshua gets on that rollercoaster, his dad and mom have their hearts in their throat. So go over to their blog and let them know you are pulling for them.

One Response to “What a day it has been…”

  1. kirsten Says:

    We are pulling for baby Joshua!! (and all the Haskins family, for that matter).

    My husband and I will be there soon enough ourselves (our baby is at 34 weeks gestation & diagnosed with ToF) and it’s giving us a small taste of the kinds of things we’ll be able to expect. Ugh.

    Thanks for the updates!!

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