And this just in…

I’ve been home for less than half an hour from my Congenital Cardiology appointment at Emory University Hospital. It went very well!

An Echocardiogram determined that my Left Ventricle is 6 centimeters smaller than when it was first scanned by Emory doctors in 2002. An enlarged heart is a problem, but it is also a symptom… it usually means there is a bigger problem afoot, something that is causing that section of the heart to work harder and enlarge. So a heart that has gone down in size is a good thing! (There does come a point when an enlarged heart has been stretched too far, much like a balloon. That heart can shrink some but will never return to its normal size; the damage is permanent.)

Also, for the first time I have a few options for corrective procedures IF (and I emphasize the word “if”) I were to have problems in the future that does not involve surgery. I’ll tell you about them tomorrow; but right now I have just arrived and haven’t even unpacked. But that may wait until tomorrow, too!

3 Responses to “And this just in…”

  1. Jill Haskins Says:

    Hooray!!! I’m glad for the good news! :o)

    Looking forward to hearing your options tomorrow!

  2. mlhwi Says:


  3. Paula Says:

    So happy to read good news today!

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