A new link to an old friend

Paul Cardall has started a new blog. Titled Before My Heart Stops, it is a series of inspirational writings related to the story of his heart transplant and his new book. You can find a link in my blogroll, labeled Heart Warrior Paul’s Book Blog.

The link to his Living For Eden blog is still there, too, for anyone who happens by and wishes to read it. He hasn’t said anything about taking it down, and in fact earlier when he was contemplating ending it, he was going to leave it up for anyone who might be facing a heart transplant and was searching the internet for information. So if he’s going to leave it up, I’ll keep a link to it. Living for Eden is a wonderful story, much too valuable to fade into oblivion.

And Paul is a true Gentleman – I wrote him a few weeks ago, and asked if I mailed him a copy of his new book, would he autograph it for me? It arrived a few days ago, and on the inside front cover it reads:


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One Response to “A new link to an old friend”

  1. Lisa Johnson Says:

    Hi! Thank you for your blog. Very encouraging to see you doing so well. We are a new heart family with a 10 week old baby boy who was diagnosed with double inlet left ventricle one day after his birth. We didn’t know beforehand so it was quite a shock. Feel free to catch up on our story at http://www.fieldjohnson.blogspot.com.

    Take care,
    Lisa Johnson

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