During my appointment in Atlanta I mentioned a problem to my doc – my legs have been hurting. I didn’t think it really amounted to anything…. I fell on July 22, and had not been on my walking program for fifteen days. I couldn’t: my knees were so badly bruised that I didn’t walk, I waddled. Imagine a penguin, that is what I looked like.

So when the bruises began to heal and my legs felt better, I started walking again. Short distances at first, because after a big layoff my body tend to “reset” and I have to build it back up. So I walked a short distance and I felt good. The same for the next day.

The third day I felt really good and just kept going. I walked over a mile! But the day after that my legs were killing me! Well that wasn’t smart, I thought. Too much too soon.

But my legs hurt every day – didn’t seem to be getting better at all. I had the fleeting thought that maybe hitting the floor had damaged something worse than bruises, but my main concern was that perhaps my Congestive Heart Failure was worse. Did my ankles look swelled? Yes they do!… no they don’t….. maybe. (I’m not really paranoid but my mind can run away with me occasionally…. can you tell?) So yes, if my legs weren’t feeling better, we’d certainly be talking to the Cardiologist about this!

So the day came and I discussed it with him. He seemed to think as I did – walked too much – but was concerned that they had hurt for so long. “After you are through here go by the lab. We’ll draw a blood sample to make sure nothing else is going on.”

So I went by the lab before I left and we came home. Friday afternoon I got a telephone call from the doctor’s office…. I have high levels of Uric Acid in my blood, which means a possible case of the Gout!

So tell him what he’s won!

You, sir, have won a prescription of Allopurinol!

*Sigh* Another drug…. and a few more dietary restrictions. No seafood, for example, but that’s not a big deal because seafood isn’t on the Heart Failure diet either. So I have to give up something I gave up eight years ago! Also, no cooked liver. That’s not a problem, I am not a liver lover! Gotta watch the fried foods, that might be a bit of a problem but I will figure it out.

And most importantly, we’ve figured out why my legs have been hurting!

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4 Responses to “TELL HIM WHAT HE’S WON!”

  1. Kathie Says:

    so, just read this, and I had no idea seafood was not on a CHF diet. My youngest daughter almost 3 has CHF due to an AHD that she got when she was a week old, and I know restrict salt, no grapefruits, etc. but never heard no seafood. Do you have a food guidline somewhere? I looked online and didn’t see one.

    • Steve Says:

      That statement is based on a booklet given me by my nutritionist. (The booklet appears to be self-published by the hospital). The thinking behind the seafood restrictions is 1) canned seafood is often preserved with salt; and 2) You don’t always know the source of a piece of fish purchased in a restaurant. If that fish is a salt water species, it spent it’s life living in (and breathing) salt water.

      This is information that was given to me; your situation may be completely different. Your cardiologist will have a better answer for you than I do.

  2. Jill Haskins Says:

    Man, you just don’t catch a break do you?!

    Glad you got it figured out! Hopefully those appendages of yours will start feeling better soon!

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