How to scare a Heart Mom (In 3 steps)

1) Place your Heart Mom in the yard, watering the flowers.

2) Re-enter the house after your morning walk.

3) Have an ambulance pull off the highway in front of your house to check a mechanical problem.


2 Responses to “How to scare a Heart Mom (In 3 steps)”

  1. Stefenie Says:

    This was a good one. You know it never used to bother me when I would see an ambulance up close or watch as the med force chopper flew right over our house. That is until we had Logan and had our eyes opened wide to how terrifying those two things are to families like ours. I get the heebie jeebies at our town’s annual parade when the ambulance creeps by us only three feet away. It’s like having a black cat cross your path on Friday the 13th.

    There was also a time when the med force chopper actually hovered very low over our home as it turned around to head back to our local hospital. Keep in mind that we live out in the country so it is not every day that we see a med force chopper do a 180 degree turn over our house. Talk about making my heart stop.

  2. Andrea Says:

    We live at the top of a small hill. One day I was coming home from a rare trip to the grocery store by myself. My husband and kids were at home. As I turn onto our street, I see the top of a firetruck-only the lights were visible-right in front of our house! In the 3 seconds it took me to get to the top of the hill I had already determined there was an emergency while I was gone and that my heart child was in an ambulance. When I got to the house, imagine my relief when I saw it was only a garbage truck! I swear, we heart moms have PTSD!

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