Joshua had his first surgery for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) a month ago and seemed to be doing fairly well. Suddenly he crashed twice in 24 hours, he’s been intubated, and the doctors are considering another operation.

I have been on the road all day and have been unable to keep you informed, but I’ve been in contact with his mom by text message. She needs your support.  GET OVER TO HER BLOG and let her know that you are thinking about them and praying for them.

UPDATE 10:30 PM EST (0230 GMT): In the scriptures Joshua is a warrior, leading the ancient Israelis in the conquest of Canaan. The Joshua we know is also in a fight, and at the moment is holding his own. His doctors are contemplating a revision of his first surgery, but won’t know anything for a few days.  Please keep this young warrior in your thoughts this night.


One Response to “HELP!!!”

  1. Jill Haskins Says:

    That is the exact reason we named him Joshua. Although God put that name on our heart long before we even knew Joshua was a boy. I’m amazed at God’s guidance through all of this. It’s still hard, but God continues to be good.

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