Joshua Update

As of 9:30 PM EST (0130 GMT) Joshua is having Seizures. Your prayers are urgently needed.

UPDATE, 5:20 AM SEPT. 22 (0920 GMT): Joshua is still having seizures as of an hour ago.

I have a Physical Therapy session later today and  I need to go to the drug store and buy some medication. I will be away from the computer and unable to update for most of the day. It’s up to Funky Heart readers to go to HIS MOM’S BLOG and stay informed, and keep this family in the center of your thoughts.

UPDATE, 2:36 PM (1836 GMT): Joshua had an EEG to measure his brain activity this morning. His parents are waiting on the results.

UPDATE, 3:34 PM (1934 GMT): I was mistaken, Joshua had an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and the results are in. NO BRAIN DAMAGE! Hooray for Joshua!


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