Trouble on Two Fronts

We’ve got two friends in serious trouble – Ewan and Joshua.

Joshua’s Pulse Ox is close to 100% – great for someone who is heart healthy, but dangerous for someone with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome who has only had his first operation. It looks like he is heading back to the operating room, but the doctors are trying to delay the operation as long as possible.

Ewan has been on a real rollercoaster ride, too. He was taken for a Catheterization on the 23rd, and during the procedure the doctors went into full RED ALERT mode and took him to emergency surgery. Ewan made it through the surgery but had to be hooked up to the ECMO machine, which is best described as life support on steroids. But it is hell on the body and a person can only take so much of it. As his mom wrote, “we were preparing to say goodbye.”

And I have to apologize – I’ve been in Charleston, SC at the Pediatric Cardiology Reunion. I could follow Ewan and Joshua on my phone but can’t update my blog from it. So even though I knew this was happening, I couldn’t warn my readers and ask them to offer the support that these two families need.

So help me make up for lost time by getting over to both websites and letting them know that they are in your thoughts tonight.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Joshua is scheduled for surgery at 7:00 AM EST (1100 GMT) Monday, September 26.

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