It’s time

Joshua goes to surgery in a few moments.

And as it seems more and more, I’m not going to be around to update readers on his progress. I’m off to therapy this morning and will be gone for a while.

So remember to check in on their blog by clicking THIS LINK, and keeping Joshua and his family in your thoughts this morning.

UPDATE 12:07 PM EST (1607 GMT) Joshua’s surgery got pushed back, which allowed me to go to my theapy session and return. His mom update about 30 minutes ago; the surgery has offically begun.

UPDATE 12:35 PM EST (1635 GMT) Surgery is over; it will be about an hour be fore Joshua’s parents can see him.

UPDATE 1:09 PM EST (1709 GMT) Surgeon reports surgery was a sucess! He was able to clip the shunt rather than have to reinsert an entirely new one. They can see Joshua in 20 minutes or less!

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