The Two Fighters

Your help is needed again.

Joshua’s mom posted a message on Facebook a few minutes ago: “Heart rate and respiratory rate are back up. His sats are at 100% again.” In a child with HLHS, this isn’t good. Especially when he just went through a surgery to correct this problem. Rush over to his mom’s blog (HERE) and offer your support and best wishes…. it’s going to be another long night for them.

Then get over to Ewan’s blog (HERE). His momma has made a simple request: “…let’s pray Ewan off of the ECMO machine.” He hasn’t been able to get away from the ECMO yet, and the doctors want to try again in the morning.

We’ve got two fighters, but both of them need someone in their corner. If not us…who?

And if not now…when?

2 Responses to “The Two Fighters”

  1. kirsten Says:

    Thank you for sharing. It means a lot to this mama.


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