Replace the PulseOx test for CHD!

Just a few weeks ago the Pulse Oximetry test (also known as PulseOx) became part of the Newborn Screening Uniform Panel. In a post on this blog, we discussed how the PulseOx was a good test, but not perfect.

But what if we could discard the PulseOx, in favor of a better test?

Hot off the press – really, it hasn’t even been printed yet, it was electronically published before a print version is available – is a study by the University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Appearing in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation is a study (CLICK HERE to read the abstract) showing that certain biological markers do show up more often in children with Congenital Heart Defects! In the study, higher concentrations of S-adenosylmethionine, S-adenosylhomocysteine, and folate RBC were observed in children with heart defects.

(Don’t ask me to explain all that; it’s DNA and Molecular Biology with a little Chemistry thrown in for good measure!)

Could this test replace PulseOx? Perhaps… but not tomorrow. The study was a relatively small study, with only 329 children participating. (143 CHDers with 186 heart healthy children as a control group) The researchers themselves even stress that more research needs to be done.  But we could very well be looking at the first steps to a foolproof, 100% accurate “GOTCHA!” test for heart defects. And by studying the DNA changes that occur with a CHD, we could unlock the secret to how heart defects occur… and stop them before they begin!

Special thanks to Amy Basken for bringing this research to my attention. Amy is tireless, working for several different CHD groups. Today she represents Mended Little Hearts!

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2 Responses to “Replace the PulseOx test for CHD!”

  1. Erin Ayscue Says:

    So glad to see research like this being done. Although it is not in layman’s terms, at least published research and documentation shows we are headed in the right direction. While it may not help our kids now, who knows what will be in place 10-15 years from now thanks to this research and others like it. Thanks for sharing, Steve! Thanks to Amy for working to keep us all informed. All of us at Mended Little Hearts know we can count on her for so many things and we love her for it!!

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