Wrist update

A late wrist update…. my Orthopedic doctor was like the groundhog last week; he saw his shadow and gave me four more weeks of therapy!

*Sigh* I’m ready for my hand to be well and for therapy to be over. But I can’t close my right fist, and I’m especially having trouble with my Right thumb, index finger, and middle finger. The doc says that there can be swelling (there is) and “that stuff is like glue in there.” Well, I’ve got plenty of glue to spare… anyone building a model airplane?

And because my heart defect causes Cyanosis, I think that  it is taking longer to heal. I’ve never broken a bone before so I don’t know what the healing schedule is, but the same cold that will put you in the bed for a day usually keeps me down for three. As a result, I’m heading to therapy three days a week for the next month. And longer, if needed.

CHD… the gift that keeps on givin’.

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