Beauty and Despair

I had just posted the photo of my cousin and me.

She’s beautiful. More than that, she’s kind, with a warm and generous heart.

She’s my sister, not by birth but that is how I think of her. I was glad she allowed me to post the photo and let you “meet” her.

The phone rang.

Ewan’s gone.


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2 Responses to “Beauty and Despair”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    My heart is so broken…

  2. kirsten Says:

    Thank you for sharing our story, Steve. Thank you for caring about these all these babies, kids, and adults who suffer from the monster that is CHDs.

    I hate that he’s gone, and I hate everything about the CHD that took this perfect child from us. Nothing can replace him, and nothing will help us “get over” this.

    It is too much.

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