A new blog!

Mary Knudson is a health journalist, good enough that she has been a writer for The Baltimore Sun and teaches science and medical writing to grad students at Johns Hopkins University. Her new blog about living with heart failure opens with the sentence:

I got to know something about heart failure the hard way, by having it.

Heart failure affects millions of Americans, including me. The odds are that you (or someone you love) will have to deal with it, eventually. But as grim as it sounds (Oh my God, Heart Failure! My heart has failed!) it is survivable and you can live with it. Mary is – and she’s learned enough that she’s written a book, along with Johns Hopkins Chief Cardiologist. The blog is an offshoot of her book.

The first entry is a story that many Congenital Heart Defect patients and their parents are familiar with: a misdiagnosis and a roller coaster ride to figure out what is really going on. Mary’s heart failure blog is the feature today and will move into the blogroll tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “A new blog!”

  1. DawnB Says:

    I will always love Hopkins. And Baltimore.
    And now a new blog that I am sure to love. Thanks again Steve for giving this author a spotlight. =)
    PS- meant to ask you, I saw the video of you speaking at the (I think most recent) conference and it was really REALLY cool to listen to it. You mentioned that you and your family were making the long trek to Hopkins but did you end up getting your first surgery in DC? Sorry.. I was just wondering. You are such an inspiration!

    • Steve Says:

      Oh yes, we made it to Hopkins. If you are familiar with Hopkins History, Dr. Vincent Gott did my surgery. Alex Haller Jr. was the pediatric surgeon and should have done it, but he was stuck in DC because of the snow. Both men are still alive and the last I heard, Gott was still on Staff at Hopkins. He’s no longer operating but is one of their leading Marfan’s researchers.

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