Who is the Funky Heart?

Exactly who is the Funky Heart? Well… it’s complicated. I am the Funky Heart, but the Funky Heart can do things that I can not do. The Funky Heart stands up in front of a group of people who will re-write the rules dealing with Social Security and Congenital Heart Defects and speaks to them about living with a heart defect. I could never do that, not something that important. I’m too shy and way too nervous, I might stutter or stumble or knock a pitcher of coffee into someone’s lap.

I walk into the hotel looking worn out and when asked if I’m OK, I smile and say “It was just a long flight. I’m going to check in and rest a while.” The Funky Heart steps off the elevator twenty minutes later, ready to fight the good fight.

I sit down at my computer and wonder what in the world I’m going to write about this time. Funky Heart takes over and the words pour out.

But I’m not the only the Funky Heart.

The Funky Heart teaches school in upstate New York.

A woman with a serious heart defect jogs every day. She’s the Funky Heart, too!

An MD in San Francisco; a PHD a few miles from him; and a Casting Director in Los Angeles. All three are special to me, and all are Funky Hearts.

The Funky Heart lives in Vegas, looks death in the eye every day, and says “pffft!”

“Thank you from the bottom of my funky heart,” the card reads. The author is a friend, a champion for the CHD community,  and a fellow Heart Warrior.

My name is Steve, and I am the Funky Heart. And I am not alone.


2 Responses to “Who is the Funky Heart?”

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    […] Heroes, one and all. Special effort? Special ability? Could it be that gifts and challenges are really just two sides of the same coin? Is one that closely related to the other? Your humble host closes with another line from the movie Spider-Man, turning the Green Goblin’s malicious threat on its head as he reminds us that “We are who we choose to be!“ […]

  2. Funky Heart Jogger Says:

    Steve, you are never alone my friend.
    …and I only jog ever other day if I’m not wheezing. 😉

    A Funky Heart helps teenagers & kids living with HIV & AIDS.

    A Funky Heart leads one of the largest church congregations in a large city.

    A Funky Heart is a retired doctor who has fought cancer and continues to fight for CHD awareness, research, and understanding.

    A Funky Heart mom raises her three Funky Heart kids as she and her husband wonder how they ended up being such an anomaly.

    A Funky Heart finishes college and works to make sure other people can breathe in the hospital while fighting her own arrythmias.

    A Funky Heart recovers from an ICD and pacer implantation that will likely save her from a transplant as she waits for her step-daughter to get her driver’s license.

    A Funky Heart buys his first house with his fiance and finishes his medical residency.

    A Funky Heart photographs all kinds of people (famous and ordinary). He uses his talent to tell his story and to show his fellow CHDers in a refined light.

    …These are only some of the Funky Hearts I know…

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