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It’s not broken, so why are we trying to fix it?

March 26, 2009

Before we do anything rash, let’s stop for a moment and think.

That wonderful Canadian Health Care system that the politicians keep telling us we need to emulate isn’t so wonderful… patients admitted through an Emergency Department in a Calgary hospital  have to wait an average of 16.6 hours to be assigned to a bed.

And in another “shining example” of Universal Health Care, a British hospital is so bad that conditions there have been called “Third World”. Receptionists are responsible for medical checks (!) and some patients have been forced to drink the water in their flower vases.

And if  80% of us are happy with our healthcare, why are we trying to redesign the entire system? (Ignore the headline and read the article… CNN focuses on the fact that as a whole we think too much is spent for health care, while ignoring the rest of the survey.) Dr. Wes looks around and sees that things here are really pretty good, despite the Gloom and Doom pouring out of Washington and your TV News. Yes, there are ways to improve our health care system, but aren’t anywhere close to drinking out of the flower vases yet. So let’s just tell the people in Washington to just calm down for a moment.