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The Stupid is strong in this one, Lord Vader!

March 6, 2009

Oh, boy.

According to Mark Twain, there are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics. This one is a doozy.

There is a group in Australia that seeks “the truth”. The problem is, their truth usually involves a new conspiracy theory every day, and a government agent behind every tree. Yesterday they decided to give us “the truth” about medical myths, and mentioned the words “heart defect.” My Google Alert sent me an e-mail about it.

These guys are so off the wall that I’m not going to link to their website and give them the traffic. But here’s what they had to say:

It is absolutely amazing how frequently nutritional deficiencies are diagnosed as physical diseases or disorders. Let me give you an example. There’s a common heart disorder called mitral valve prolapse. This is the diagnosis you’re given when you have a heart valve that doesn’t maintain the correct shape. They’ll tell you it’s a congenital defect. They’ll say it’s something you were born with and, unless the valve is repaired through surgery, your heart will never beat correctly and you’ll have heart problems for the rest of your life. What they won’t tell you is that this is almost exclusively a nutritional problemIf you were to take nutritional supplements, or get nutrition through whole food concentrates, then your heart would begin to literally “shape up.” It would become more firm and the posture of your heart would rapidly improve, thereby eliminating the symptoms that were previously called “mitral valve prolapse.”

Complete and utter stupidity. What’s worse, it is malicious stupidity… the author isn’t just mistaken, he/she is bending reality to fit their own personal agenda. This group is way out there, I tell ya – they also believe that the US Government controls Facebook (to keep a better eye on you, citizen!) the United Nations has a plan to implant a computer chip in everyone’s head, and that Fluoride causes your IQ to drop. If the last one is true, then these guys brush their teeth much too often.

I know we had an earlier post about this subject, but the point needs to be slammed home: Do your own research, and only follow the advice of a doctor you trust. And even though you trust your doctor, back check him. Keep looking for information, use your knowledge, and follow your gut. Communicate effectively with your physician – a doctor’s medical knowledge, coupled with your understanding of your/your child’s heart defect, is an awesome weapon.  Use it.

And pay no attention to those yahoos who know “the truth”.