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What I learned at the doctor’s office

October 26, 2009

Tuesday’s task is going to be to try to update Funky Heart readers on Chloe’s surgery, but I learned something very important at the doctor’s office Monday. Something I had never thought about: You need to take your own reading material to the doctor’s office.

As you may remember, it was time for my INR test, so I got checked in at the desk and had a seat. They usually take the patients who just need bloodwork pretty quickly, so I only had to wait about 15 minutes. But during that time I saw the lady across from me put down her magazine, sneeze into her hands….

… and pick the magazine back up and continue reading.

Take your own book/magazine/newspaper – you never know where the ones in the waiting room have been.

Swine Flu Update: September 8

September 8, 2009

We can be pretty stupid at times.

The Centers for Disease Control H1N1 Flu website states, “Influenza is thought to spread mainly person-to-person through coughing or sneezing of infected people.” Yet where will a good number of Americans be this fall? Here, or someplace similar.

Don’t fool yourself, this isn’t a healthy place to be. Washington State University has 2,000 students down with H1N1. Emory University has 50 students sick; they have re-opened a closed dorm and reassigning sick students there until they feel better. They are getting delivered meals, Tamiflu twice a day, and not allowed to go to class. Washington State has no Quarantine procedure in place… so the Swine Flu may be three seats to your left at the football game next Saturday.

Communicable diseases like the flu love crowds. The United States Department of Defense plans to inoculate the entire military and airlines are hiding the pillows and blankets they usually distribute to customers. The last time I flew, First Class passengers found a shrink wrapped blanket waiting in their seat. Those of us in the back of the cabin had to make do with four inches less legroom and only one package of pretzels.

I’m going to be getting my flu shots this fall, that’s for certain. And I think I’ll watch all of my football on TV!