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March 30, 2010

Isaac is having surgery today at Duke Children’s Hospital! I met Isaac and his mom at the Saving Little Hearts CHD Symposium I attended last year, he’s a pretty cool kid. He has to be at the hospital at 8:30 AM Eastern Time (1230 GMT) and he’s the second scheduled operation of the day. I’ll be updating when I find out what’s going on, so keep refreshing this page!

11:04 AM: No update as of yet. Surgical schedules do run late, I’ll keep checking!

12:48 PM: First update! Things were going really slow – Isaac was called back to the Prep Room at 11:30 AM! He’s finally in the Operating Room.

1:14 PM: Surgery has begun!

3:23 PM: Surgery still going on, everything seems to be under control. Isaac’s mom is beside herself waiting! Keep thinking about both of them, please!

6:21 PM: THE SURGERY IS OVER! The Surgeon said everything went exactly as planned. Isaac is on a ventilator and is in Recovery; his mom is on her way to see him right now!

She’ll probably report once she sees him; if nothing unusual is going on I’ll end this post after that update.

11:48 PM: A final update from Isaac’s mom: HE’S PINK!

The Plan for Durham

July 23, 2009

I’ll leave for Durham, North Carolina about 9:00 AM Friday morning, and I plant to  take AMTRAK. Don’t drive to the Raleigh-Durham Airport looking for a candy apple red jet; Heart Force One will stay in the hanger for this trip.

I’ll be out of touch most of the day Friday – I change trains in Wilson, North Carolina, I might be able to report in from there if an Internet connection is available. I’ll post an update when possible.

Saturday is the day of the CHD Symposium at Duke Children’s Hospital. I plan to blog the event, which begins at 9:00 AM, Eastern Time. (1300 London Time) Again, I do not know if an Internet connect will be available. If it is, I plan to liveblog the day’s events; and if there is not, I’ll take good notes and have several days worth of posts next week. I’ll have to take a break from blogging at 11:00 AM when I speak, and I plan to post my speech on Funky Heart as soon as possible after I finish. There will also be a break for lunch after my presentation, so I might be away for a while.

I’ve also been asked to Twitter the event – if I have an Internet connection I can twitter from my laptop, if not, hopefully from my phone. Follow me on Twitter to see what is going on, my user name is funkyheart. My phone has been pouting lately and not wanting to text messages, I think I have accidentally turned off the text feature. I’ll examine it and see what I can figure out. Just because I know how to use the technology doesn’t always mean I understand it!

At 5:00 PM the hospital is going to offer a tour of their new Pediatric Cardiac ICU, I will probably go but I haven’t quite decided yet. The last time I was in a Peds Cardiac ICU, I was a patient.

After the tour concludes Symposium attendees are invited to a Durham Bulls baseball game! I love baseball and almost certainly will go! The Bulls are  a AAA team – for you non baseball fans, that means they are a Minor League baseball team, but only one level below Major League Baseball,  so the quality of play should be excellent. Mid morning Sunday I have to meet the train for my trip home.

I hope you are planning to attend… If you are, be sure to say hi!