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New Adult Congenital Heart Defect book from Emory!

August 28, 2009

By now I think you know how much I appreciate the Adult Congenital Heart Defect (ACHD) group at Emory University Hospital. They aren’t just a group of doctors and nurses, they’re a team, and I’m glad to have them on my side. If my heart defect ever wants to cause trouble, I’m bringing them to the fight with me. I want every advantage I can get, and I do not plan to fight fair!

Emory’s ACHD group has produced a new 64 page book for Adults with a Congenital Heart Defect! Although the printed version won’t be out until next week, it is already available online! Author Teresa Lyle (my nurse practitioner!) says that the online copy is not the final version, but the changes are minor and mainly involve artwork.

This book can be especially usefulĀ  to older teens with a heart defect. Pretty soon you will transition into the adult world, where a lot of Heart Defect patients get “lost” – they fall away from care and stop going to see their cardiologist. This booklet can help you find a good doctor and keep you in the loop. Modern CHDers tend to do well, but things go a lot better if we have good doctors and nurses that understand our defects. It can also help you take control of some aspects of your life that you may not have even realized are affected by your heart problem. We need to make sure we take antibiotics before dental appointments, for example.

This is going to be a valuable resourse both for older teens, and also for us older Heart Warriors who may be moving on in life: it will help keep us on the straight and narrow if we decide to move, start a family, or change jobs. And I highly recommend it!