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Defeatin’ evil!

May 23, 2009

I was worried that I would not be able to function properly while in Boulder because of the higher altitude, but I am doing a lot better than I expected. I went out and saw some of the city – I didn’t pack my pedometer so I can’t tell you how far I walked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was two miles or more. My pulse ox is about 77% ( down from the 80% I usually have at home.)

At home, I set my watch for a certain amount of time and walk a fast pace until the time runs out, or I get too tired to continue. Here, it was city walking: Stop and start, walk into the store, wait for the light to change, etc. I have no idea how I would do on one of my timed walks and really have no desire to find out! I’m just very happy that things are going so well.

It’s also a balancing act – I’ve been told by the Denver ACHA chapter and my cardiologist to stay hydrated… BUT my cardiologist has also said to be careful because of my Congestive Heart Failure restrictions (2000 milliliters of liquid per day). Because I am feeling good, I am assuming that I am doing it right. (Famous last words….)

There are certain things that someone with a heart defect should NOT do; we should avoid caffeine overload. Here’s an article about a young man who ran into problems after consuming energy drinks. Thankfully he survived. And since he didn’t know he had a heart defect, you can’t really “blame” him for ignoring his doctor’s advice.

Walking, having supplemental oxygen, drinking enough without drinking too much (and drinking things that won’t freak my heart out) may seem like a sacrifice, but I’ll do it. Because while I have a heart defect, it does not own me.

I do what I do to defeat the evil that lives within me.

The Bolder Boulder is getting closer!

The Funky Heart

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