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Thank you

June 5, 2009

I want so bad to go home and live a ‘normal’ life; a life of ‘normal’ baby ups and downs. Today our hearts broke for our son. He will have to have open heart surgery number two at just six weeks of life. That is something that no one deserves,” Lucas’ parents write on their blog. They thought that things were going well; as far as they knew they were ’rounding third and heading for home. Lucas had come through his operation, made it through Recovery and had just moved into a step-down unit. And then the bottom fell out: More than likely, they are heading back to the Operating Room.

I was chatting with some other Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Survivors while I was in Colorado, and the subject of our childhoods came up. Even though we came from different backgrounds and our lives have taken us in different directions, we had one thing in common: strong parents. They stood up for us when we couldn’t stand up for ourselves. They sacrificed, so that we could have. They asked one more question, explored one more option, traveled one more mile, all for us.

Our parents dreams of the perfect family with the white picket fence and the dog were blown to bits in that moment when a doctor took them by the arm and said “We need to talk…” They had precious little time to prepare for the journey they would take, but they dug their heels in and stood like a rock when their world crashed down around them.  They have suffered right along with us. And some of them have found the strength to say goodbye.

I’ve been called a hero because I write this blog. I am not comfortable with that; I’m just a grown up country boy. Heart Mom and Heart Dad, if you want to see a real hero, go look in a mirror.

Until next time;

Pass the plate, gain a little weight. Walk a mile, make your doctor smile!

December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas Day 2008!

Thanks to the economy, this may not have been the most exciting Christmas on record (at least to the retailers) but the important thing is that we are all here!

Today was quiet; my family has our gathering on Christmas Eve. And I love every moment of it… until I step on the scale the next morning.  Then I’m not such a fan. I am so glad that I don’t have a talking scale, because this morning  it would have said “Unnnnh…. Come on, come on, read the dial and get offa me! Whew, that’s better… wait a minute, getting back on isn’t going to give you a lower reading! That’s not gonna wo-UUUHHH!”

There was a lot of options to choose from yesterday; starting with my mom’s barbeque. I can enjoy her barbeque because she uses very little salt, so a good bit of that goes on my plate. I get a little slaw but that’s it; the Vitamin K found in most leafy greens doesn’t get along well with my blood thinner. At least, that’s what I tell myself; I’m also a junk food junkie. My membership in the That’s not Good for Me Club is pretty much honorary these days, but old habits are hard to break.

So far, I’m doing ok – barbecue, rice, some slaw, and a piece of bread. Once I finish, I examine the desert table very carefully. Coconut Pie, Peanut Brittle (Already in individual plastic bags, so it is meant as take-out) an Orange Slice Cake – the candy, not the fruit – and “stickies”. Some people call these “haystacks”; they are Graham Crackers dipped into a Carmel coating and then coated with chopped pecans. When the Carmel coating dries, the pecans will stick to the crackers.

My aunt called and is running late, she sent word just to go ahead and start and she would catch up when she arrived. She walks in the door carrying a large container of thin cookies and a homemade pizza loaf. The cookies are a family favorite, but the pizza loaf… we’ve been having this Christmas gathering for years and I’ve never seen this before! Have you been holding out on us?!?!

She turns the oven to broil and shoves in the pizza loaf, and in a few moments in begins to smell wonderful. Well, I thought I was through eating… but I’ll take a small piece. I really shouldn’t, but it smells so good. Oh. Dear. Heaven. This is delicious. Maybe one more small piece….

More? I think you guys are trying to kill me, but hand me some before I pass!  Yes, that one right there, please!

And so on, until this morning, when the scale gave me the bad news. I hate pizza loaf! It is an abomination, and a pox upon my house! Keep it away from me!

Well, it is dreary and rainy today. Weather does funny things; after it rains, I can hear the train whistle blow as it passes through town, five miles away. I normally can’t hear that sound. Inclement weather will also cause your weight to go up. I’m sure that’s the problem… right doc?

‘Till next time!