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Slow down, Man!

September 21, 2009

I’m embarrassed!

Paul Cardall has posted on his blog that he has walked for 30 minutesseven days after getting a heart transplant! That’s longer than I walked yesterday! At least I can claim I cut it short because it began to rain on me.

But as Guy Fieri would say, “That is off the hook!”

A little good news/bad news about Paul’s blog, though… the bad news is that he is planning to abandon it, at least temporarily. He’ll leave it online, for anyone in the future who may stumble across it, need a lift, or perhaps be fighting their own battle with the odds stacked against them. Because he has been there, and done that, and has a chest full of scars to prove it.

The mark of a true warrior is the willingness to share their experiences to help others as they fight their wars.

The good news is Paul is abandoning the blog because he feels it is time to turn his attention to other things in his life – his wife and his little girl! The name of his blog is Living for Eden, and I have a feeling that is exactly what he is going to do: Start living for Eden (his daughter). And for his wife. And his music. And living for Paul, too.

Because on June 9, 2010, Paul plans to climb Mount Olympus. Personally, I think he already has.