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Why We Fight

May 8, 2009

There’s no doubt about it, I’m blessed. Other than my hernia (Which has not hurt very much in the last week, thankfully!) I am in pretty good health. I can come and go as I please. I walk every morning, do my exercises, walk my steps and generally try to keep myself going.

Others are not as lucky as I am, through no fault of their own. Paul Cardall has Tricuspid Atresia, the same defect I have. I’m active, Paul is on oxygen and on the list for a heart transplant. But we could easily share the same fate. (If you’re looking for good music, check out Paul. Not only is he a fellow Heart Warrior, he is an awesome pianist!)

Elyana Twiggs describes her heart surgery in an article for The Daily Michigan; she was 15 years old at the time. She was like any child in that situation – scared to death and in great pain.

And then there are little guys like Colby, nine months old and already a member of the “Zipper Club”. And Lucas, the newest member of our blogroll. His first ride wasn’t in dad’s car heading for home, it was  in a helicopter going hell for leather to a hospital.

Paul and Elyana, Lucas and Colby. That’s why we fight; that’s why I’m heading to Colorado to participate in the Bolder Boulder with other members of the Adult Congenital Heart Association.

To stand up for those who can’t.

For these links we give thanks

November 26, 2008

Just in case you didn’t know, helicopters don’t glide very well. There have been a rash of medical helicopter crashes lately, which makes some people wonder if they are used too often. This issue is being investigated, and the use of air ambulances is down. So either the number of serious illness and injuries are down (doubtful) or the choppers are flying less. Hmm… why would anyone call for an airlift when it wasn’t needed?

Don’t go here for your medical information, they’ll scare you half to death. And don’t always believe these guys. And if you are looking for drug information, don’t look here. Check out Medscape instead. It’s FREE, and Medscape has a much better drug reference page.

Dr. Wes’ brother asks “Hey, you wanna see an operation?” If you want to see an operation (double bypass heart surgery) click this link. WARNING: The blood is real, and the bone saw is pretty loud.

Laurie smells a familiar smell on a subway car and it takes her back… to an unpleasant place.

Got Heart Failure? Then work it, baby!

I think I know why he is the Happy Hospitalist… he leaves all his frustrations on his blog. Here, Happy tells the story of the guy who thinks that free = more. I’ll take an eye exam, and a rotator cuff repair, with a side order of dental. Oh, and clean out my earwax, too; someone else is paying for it! The costs add up – an implantable defibrillator costs almost as much as some people make in a year. And when you consider this, you realize that our financial situation is just going to get worse. Pay off those credit cards, folks!

Maybe they’ll let us use a spider as payment.

Sometimes though, especially around the holidays, what we really need is a friend.

It’s almost Thanksgiving Day, and I’m spending Thursday with the family. Friday, a friend and I were supposed to just have lunch together, but she has the entire day off! So I’ll be away most of Friday, too. Have a safe, happy, and wonderful Thanksgiving; and remember to be kind to your fellow man and your four legged friends.

And don’t forget, Saturday is Red and Blue Day!

Always yours;


The Funky Heart