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He earned it!

September 14, 2010

A mechanic is making small talk with a customer as he adds up the bill, and discovers that the customer is a heart surgeon.

“Doc, I just don’t get it,” the mechanic says. “I can take out a piston and grind it down to fit better. I clean dirty valves, I fill the engine with oil, and I can work on the electrical system. You bring me an engine that won’t run correctly and I can fix that thing so that it runs perfectly. We do the same job, but you make four times the money I do! I can’t understand that.”

“Well,” the heart surgeon said. “I normally do my work with the engine running.”

The beat goes on!

April 28, 2009

Let’s talk about something that is NOT flu related tonight, shall we?

IMPORTANT: This post contains the titles of thirteen pop music hits from the 1980’s… can you find them? As a bonus, can you find the Battlestar Galactica reference? I’ll re-run this post later with the titles highlighted!

More importantly, this post has been written more as a fun challenge for my readers than for accuracy, so starting in the next paragraph, take everything you read with a grain of salt!

I was born with Tricuspid Atresia, a complex heart defect. It’s one of the rare ones – statistics say that 1 in every 10,000 live births have Tricuspid Atresia. My whole life, I’ve been livin’ on a prayer.

We still don’t know exactly what causes heart defects – genetics and environment are the leading suspects, but we just don’t know. Some folks say hard living is the culprit, but that’s not true. My mom has always been a straight arrow; yet I was born with a heart problem. Other women abuse their bodies terribly and have perfectly normal children. I guess no one is to blame.

I found the courage to ask my doctor how long she thought I would live. She said “I just don’t know. There’s no clock of the heart, and we’re beyond the red line as it is. But you are doing good, healthy, and active. You’re tough enough to be around for a while.”

“So what can I do to stay around?” I asked.

She told me to exercise – and not just that. “Find something that’s gonna make you sweat. Push it! And get involved! Doing something to help others releases all kinds of good chemicals into your body. You have got a terrific life story; share it every chance you get. Don’t take money for nothing, just do it because it is the right thing to do. Live to tell others that heart defects can be beat! Don’t let those sick kids give up – get up on a stage somewhere and tell them to never surrender. Make sure that they know that they haven’t reached the end of the line.”

Wow! I thought I just had a doctor, didn’t know she was also a philosopher! But she was right; I did have too much time on my hands. My job at the museum had fallen through and I was sitting on the couch, twiddling my thumbs. That was one of the seeds that led to Adventures of a  Funky Heart. I started posting in late July 2008, and the blog languished until the first of October, when my interview of Amy Verstappen was posted. I advertised it with friends and CHD parents that I knew (all four of them!), but that interview just hit. Checking my blog stats that day was enough to take my breath away.

And we’ve been full speed ahead ever since. That’s how we roll around here, and that’s just the way it is!