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CHD History made at 7:00 AM Eastern?

December 23, 2009

The United States Senate plans to vote on their version of the healthcare bill at 7:00 AM Christmas Eve. Included in the Manger’s Amendment for the bill is a version of the Congenital Heart Futures Act, introduced back in March after a lot of hard work by CHDers from across the country.

But a lot still has to be done. Even though both houses of Congress have healthcare bills, the two bills do not agree (Assuming the Senate bill passes tomorrow; it should). The bills will have to be “reconciled” – a committee of both Senators and Representatives will meet and decide which parts of both bills are acceptable and then combine the two. Since there is no Congenital Heart Futures Act in the House version, it could be cut out. When all is said and done, we may have to go all the way back to the beginning.

But no matter what happens with the bill, we still have the IMPACT Registry. IMPACT stands for Improving Pediatric and Adult Congenital Treatment and Funky Heart! readers have read about it here before. An initiative of the American College of Cardiology Foundation, IMPACT is not reliant on Congressional approval and is still scheduled to begin in 2010.

Maximum IMPACT!

September 9, 2009

It’s starting to happen, folks!

An article in the Wall Street Journal last month noted that a lot of advances in pediatric medicine came about because adult treatments had been adapted for use in children. “We adopt things known to work in adult patients in pediatrics because we’re sort of desperate,” the article quotes a Pediatric Cardiologist. That’s pretty depressing – the research and the technology doesn’t exist yet, so new strategies have to be developed “on the fly.” Dr. Jack Lewin, the Chief Executive Officer of the American College of Cardiology (ACC), wrote a few days ago about the lack of Congenital Heart Defect knowledge/experience in some countries. The only realistic chance those children have is to travel to another country for Congenital Cardiac Care.

Dr. Lewin and the ACC are drawing a line in the sand with the new IMPACT (Improving Pediatric and Adult Congenital Treatment) registry. In the pilot stages right now, IMPACT begins for real in 2010 and will gather data on outcomes on CHD interventions done by Catherizations. It will also incorporate data from surgical procedures to give a better look at what works… and what doesn’t.

This looks like what we’ve all been waiting for… the beginnings of a nationwide Congenital Heart Defect registry that will improve Congenital Cardiac Care for everyone who has a Funky Heart!