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No greater love

February 26, 2010

UPDATE: Zeb’s surgery got pushed back – the new date is March 2, 2010.

Here’s a bittersweet report that I read earlier today: The newest generation of Cardiac CT scanners reduce radiation exposure by up to 91%.

My friend Jim could have used one of those new scanners. Jim was 54 years old; he was from an older generation of survivors. Back in those days when CHD kids were few and far between and hardly anything was known about heart defects, doctors would X-ray and scan a CHD heart from every possible angle.

But no one realized the amount of radiation those children were absorbing. So fast forward to today, and our first and second generation of Heart Warriors are passing on. A fair percentage of them are dying not of their heart problems, but rather of various cancers.

There’s no real medical evidence (yet) to back this theory up, just stories from friends and relatives and survivors about all the testing they went through, coupled with the knowledge that an unusual number of us seem to pass on because of cancer.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, reads the scriptures. Jim was a true Heart Warrior, in every sense of the word – he stood up for all of us when there was hardly anyone around to stand up.

Even when he was a little kid.