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Nine Point Plan for Weak Hearts

May 4, 2010

Dr. John M. is a blogger I have recently found, and I like his writing. He’s currently an Electrophysiologist (Heart Rhythm Specialist) living and working in Louisville, Kentucky and his blog entries are very informative.

In this post, Dr. John gives a nine-point plan that usually keeps a weak heart going:

The sonogram may show a weak heart, and weak hearts are supposed to limit longevity, but those that live the plan seem to just keep showing up every year for their routine checks.

Of course, this nine-point plan may not be your nine-point plan! The person given in the example is specifically an older gentleman with an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD). So you will have to discuss this with your doctor and revise the plan to fit your situation (if you chose to use it at all). But let’s look at Dr. John’s nine points:

  1. ACE/ARB inhibitor (cost: 4.00/month)
  2. Beta-Blocker (cost: 4.00/month)
  3. Aspirin (cost: 1.00/month)
  4. Statin (cost: starting at 4.00/month)
  5. Exercise: (cost: sneakers and jacket)
  6. Nutritional restraint: (cost: 0.00)
  7. Goodwill to others: (cost: 0.00)
  8. Lifelong companionship (costs: variable)
  9. Sleep hygiene (costs: variable, but not too much)

Obviously, your drugs are probably going to be different, but Number 5 through 9 apply to anyone fighting a heart problem. As I have said before, check with your own doctor first.

But in general, following these nine points should extend your life. And as I often write, “Every heart deserves to live a lifetime!”