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Night of the Living Link

November 23, 2008

My new phone arrived this week! Thankfully, I didn’t pay that price for it, every now and again it pays to “know someone who knows someone.” Before I can even think about updating Funky Heart from the road, I’ve got to get all the internet settings right, and that hasn’t happened yet. This replaces a phone that is 10+ years old, so I’m going to be playing catch-up for a while. It’s about as frustrating as being the Commander of the space shuttle and not being able to find the ENGINE START switch!

I’m also frustrated by the fact that there have seemed to be a lot of good links for you this week, but when I click through to read the article, most of them are subscription sites. *sigh* I’ve still been able to put together some good ones, though.

Beware the Transplant surgeon who will “adjust” the statistics. And kudos to the retired hero, who strapped on his guns one more time to restore order.

Patient attacks four nurses. Nurse/Victim/Witness testifies in court and tells the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, so help her God. The Victim Impact Statement was a real party, too: “Mr. Jailbird’s attorney stood up and started screaming something about HIPAA. The judge told her to sit down and to be quiet.

Important Safety Tip: No Porn after Heart Surgery!

Another casualty of Hurricane Ike. Sad.

The Feds are pressing doctors who accept Medicare to get with the program on Electronic Medical Records. There is even a pilot program in two states – a program with a potentially HUGE flaw. And don’t think that something bad can’t happen.

Fast food chains in the United Kingdom promise to improve their menus. Hey guys… what about us?


What’d I Miss?!?!

October 11, 2008

This is a pleasant surprise!

Usually weekends are pretty quiet on the Funky Heart blog. Hits tend to be down; I figure all of you are  enjoying the weekend, just like I am doing. But today was one of the higher visitor days of the week. Is the weather keeping everyone in today?

Occasionally CHD patients get asked if they are angry or upset because they have missed out on some of the things that normal people get to do.  If you’re feeling a little sarcastic, throw the question right back at them by asking exactly what makes a person “normal”? You can make a good argument that George Washington, Wyatt Earp, or Jim Lovell never led a normal life!

But am I angry or upset that I never got to do things that the other kids did? No way! Yes, you are correct, I never played high school football. Never came to bat with two out and the game on the line. (Actually, I did play softball in a church league while in high school! I never struck out, but my batting average was terrible. I always seemed to hit the ball right at someone!)  Nope, never got to do any of that fun stuff.

But… I’ve been to some of the best hospitals in the world. I’ve been treated by some really good doctors and some of the kindest nurses around. A few of them aren’t just my doctor/nurse, they’re actually my friends!

I’ve met the fantastic people who make up the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA)… there isn’t a wet blanket in the group! If you’re having a hard time or your heart has you feeling “whupped” (that’s a Southern word, it means “tired and depressed”) they’ll buck you up. Ive been to Washington DC with the ACHA to pound on my legislator’s desk, and was thrilled to be asked to speak to them – and our doctors! – at the last ACHA Convention. And when I was asked to speak for them at the Social Security meeting in Baltimore a few weeks ago, I felt so honored.

So add it up. Take out the things I never got to do because I have a heart defect, but remember to add in the things that have happened because I did have one. No, I never did any of that “normal” stuff… but I’ve done other things!