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A low salt treat!

January 22, 2009

“Hey, you want some popcorn?”

If you’re me, you almost say yes… and then you remember that most commercial popcorn recipes are full of sodium. Gosh darn it, this Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) diet makes me angry at times. Whenever I went to the movies, I would almost always buy the largest tub of popcorn they had! And I would ask the person behind the counter for an extra spurt or two (or three!) from the butter machine! Well, that’s not happening any more.

I miss my popcorn.

But then a friend passed this recipe along to me. It is simple, takes hardly any time, and best of al, has almost no sodium! So if you have to watch the sodium content like I do (or just want a fairly healthy treat) try this popcorn recipe:

Buy a jar or bag of plain popcorn. A bag of a store brand of popcorn will usually cost about $1.00; there shouldn’t be any sodium in it but double check the nutritional statement on the bag to make sure.

Pour 3/4 of a cup of popcorn into a mixing container. A small bowl will do just fine. Fill a spoon with cooking oil… and then pour the oil out. You want just enough to wet the spoon. Use the oil coated spoon to stir your popcorn until it is coated with oil.

Pour the popcorn into a paper bag and fold the open end closed. Shake it good, then place it in the microwave oven. Cook it for three to four minutes. You’ll be estimating the first few times you cook popcorn, but you want to cook it until there is at least a second between pops.  Take the bag out and pour your popcorn into a large mixing bowl.

If you want to you can add some melted unsalted butter; I usually add some Lemon and Pepper Seasoning. The good L&P Seasoning is cut very fine, you will sneeze after shaking it out of the dispenser!

You’ve got a good movie on the TV, right? If so, sit back and enjoy your popcorn!