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Disciplining your Cardiac Kid

April 15, 2009

You may have the impression that when I was growing up, life around the Funky Heart household was all roses. I’m afraid not – I was a kid, and like all kids, I got into trouble!

I don’t remember exactly what I had done, but since it was a Sunday night, I had probably misbehaved at church. (Ten year old boys are very good at that!) And when we got home, I was spanked for my misdeeds. The next day at school, I had a coughing spell and threw up blood… and within a month, I underwent my second heart operation.

Were the two events related? As far as I know, they weren’t. I’ve written before that the doctors at Johns Hopkins had predicted that my first operation would last ten to twelve years before I outgrew it and something else would have to be done. Since I was ten years and six months old at the time of the second surgery, they were pretty accurate. But I also know that was the last spanking I ever had.

Maybe my parents were a little scared to spank after that. I never got into too much trouble; Heart Moms can tell you, their Cardiac Kids usually aren’t hellraisers. (Though every now and again you meet a Cardiac Kid who is spoiled rotten. I have to resist the urge to tell those children to straighten up, you’re giving the rest of us a bad name!)

Disciplining your Cardiac Kid is an issue that you will have to face – they are children, after all. Nobody gave them a list of the rules of proper behavior when they were born, and even if they did, the child can’t read them. And other than telling you that the “average” spanking probably won’t hurt them, I can’t tell you what to do. You will have to speak to your child’s cardiologist about it.

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed; Pediatricians and Pediatric Cardiologists have been here before. They aren’t going to give you a hard time or call Social Services, unless your idea of discipline is pretty extreme. Just ask, and follow his/her advice.

Dad may have rethought his ideas on physical discipline, but he replaced it with this glare that lets you know he is not pleased with your actions. I have seen that glare…trust me, it’s not pleasant!