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Another CHD T-shirt!

July 4, 2010

I recently found another great t-shirt with a hidden Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) message from Graphitti Designs. You may remember the t-shirt that I already own, Kryptonian at Heart (the shirt that received quite the reception at a gathering of CHD Survivors in Washington, DC). And now I find this shirt on their website:

Catwoman: Scratched

Yes, I bought it! Hopefully it will be here before my Houston trip at the end of the month.

If you want one, clicking the image will take you to the Graphitti Designs website. The website is a little disorganized, so the best way to find it is to just type Scratched into the search box.

But now I am wondering – are these two shirts just happy coincidences, or is someone at Graphitti Designs running a Congenital Heart Defect awareness campaign? I would like to think that someone over there is on our side!


May 19, 2010

I’ve worn my Kryptonian at Heart T-Shirt several times, but I have noticed that it has gotten different reactions from different people. In case you forgot, fellow CHDer Jason saw this shirt at a comic convention and just had to have one. When I saw it, I had to get one too.

The interesting thing about this shirt is the reaction you get. I wore it one day while hanging out with a group of heart-healthy friends.

Kryptonian at Heart

There were a couple of smirks and a little laughter, and one friend asked me “Superman fan, huh?” ( I prefer Batman. With no superpowers, Batman’s primary weapon is his brain. I have one of those, too!)

But I also wore it to an informal reception held just after Lobby Day. This reception took place the night after our Lobby Day effort and was a both a celebration of the day’s events and a preview of Vision 2020. A lot of the attendees were leaving in the morning, so it was also an unofficial good-bye party.

The reaction of my fellow CHDers was amazing. “I need a shirt like that!” More than one person said. Several people asked me where I got it – no problem remembering that; the name of the company is printed on the sleeve. I even got a couple of “threats” to literally peel my shirt off of my body! (At least, I think that they were joking!)

They took a look at Superman’s S shield hiding behind the human ribs and saw what I saw. Although all our stories are slightly different, we’ve all been cut on, knocked down, knocked out, too sick to move, poked, prodded, and connected to just about every monitor that there is, yet somehow we managed to fight back. They saw not a comic book hero, but themselves.

My buddies back home still think I’m a Superman fan. That’s fine, they are great people and I couldn’t make it without their friendship. But the Cardiac Kids and the Heart Warriors that I know see that shirt and they see their own heart – the heart of a true hero.

Look! Up in the Sky!

April 12, 2010

Remember Zeb? He had Heart Surgery on March 2, 2010.

I am happy to report that after a short break, Superman is back on the job!

Super Zeb!

Click above to see a better photo of the Man of Steel!

Heart of Steel

March 17, 2010

My brother used to be a Manager for a major movie theater company, so I have a few movie posters. A lot of movie posters are produced; the average movie generates several different versions. There’s one for a movie that is coming soon, one for when the movie is actually in the theater, and sometimes there’s even a new poster produced for the last few weeks of the run, especially when the box office receipts are close to breaking a record. And then there is the “teaser” poster.

The teaser poster is the first poster to be hung – the movie may be 6 months from its opening, it’s not even COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU yet. I have a teaser poster that has… nothing. Just a blue sky and white clouds. And at the bottom of the poster is one line:

On June 18th, you will believe that a man can fly.

You may have guessed by now – this is the teaser poster for Superman: The Movie. Superman featured new technology that made the flying harness disappear: The camera was filtered to not pick up a certain color, and of course, the harness and wires were all that color. It’s old hat now, but in 1978 it was a new special effect and when Christopher Reeve tore open his shirt and then leaped into the sky, audiences gasped.

So what’s this got to do with the heart? Friend and fellow Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) member Jason was at a Comic Convention and saw this shirt:

Kryptonian at Heart T-Shirt

If you can’t tell, Superman’s S shield is where the heart should be. Jason went crazy for this shirt, explaining to the people in charge of the table just what a shirt like this would mean to someone fighting a Congenital Heart Defect. They literally began to cry and gave Jason the shirt.

I’ve got a bad case of STEVE WANT, and I’m going to get one. If you want one too, click on the T-shirt, then click on the DC Comics link in the lower left corner. Once the DC Comics shirts page comes up, page down to the Kryptonian at Heart T-Shirt link. Click it! (It’s very close to the bottom of the list) Or better yet, call them at 1-800-699-0115 and order one… and tell them that it is for a real superhero!

Because isn’t your favorite Cardiac Kid or Heart Warrior just as strong as the Man of Steel?

The Unseen

February 18, 2009

Sitting in my Cardiologist’s waiting room today, I tried to guess how many of us were Adult Congenital Heart Defect patients. It’s not easy – four different offices use the same large waiting room. Cardiology, Gastroenterology/Hepatology,  and a third office share the same waiting room. The third office is tucked into the far corner, I’m not sure what specialty it is. Also, to reach the Pacemaker Clinic, you have to walk through the Cardiology department.

So who’s who? I know there is one Adult Congenital here – me. That guy looks like he’s in his 20’s, but he’s sitting closer to the Gastro office. How about that guy? No, he’s with his dad, who apparently doesn’t hear very well.

That’s the thing about us Heart Warriors – you don’t know when you are looking right at us. An observant person can pick up the signs pretty quick, or sometimes it’s just a snippet of an overheard conversation. For example, I never knew the woman sitting next to me was also a Heart Warrior until she said “So you’re a patient of Dr. Book…. ever heard of the ACHA?” And that day if Dr. Book had entered the office through the rear doors instead of through the waiting room, I’d have never joined the ACHA, the Adult Congenital Heart Association.

The ACHA’s core mission is to “improve the quality of life and extend the lives of congenital heart defect survivors.” It also provides us, through our online message board and our gatherings, the chance to sit down and talk with other survivors: The people who know what we have been through. Their stories may not read exactly as ours does, but they’ve walked the same road. Their experiences could be your guide through a difficult situation; just as you could help someone else out. But because our disability is hidden, sometimes we feel invisible. Or we feel so different it’s like we’re from another planet.

Are you an adult with a Congenital Heart Defect? If so, I invite you to join the ACHA. Membership is free, and the friendships are priceless. And there is always someone on your side.