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Paying for your surgery with words!

April 13, 2010

Malkolm Poyer´╗┐ is a third grader who needed heart surgery. Born with a heart defect (“…a condition that forced his heart to work much harder than normal to pump blood,” are the only details given by the Atlanta Journal – Constitution) Malkoln needed surgery at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to implant a defibrillator.

Malkolm soon announced his own plan to pay for the surgery: He would write an original short story and sell copies on eBay! He’ll even autograph each copy sold! And as his mom writes in the eBay ad, “He is practicing on his own how to write cursive, so his name might even be written in swirly letters!”

Now that is too cool! When the AJC checked on March 24, he had sold 326 copies. But as of 9:00 AM April 13, it’s up to over 1200. And at $10 dollars per copy, it’s still inexpensive. If Malkolm turns out to be the next Great American Writer, watch out! It could be worth some serious money in the future!

And what’s $10 to help a kid out? (Shipping is free, by the way!)

Here’s Malkolm’s eBay ad

(Special thanks to a fellow heart warrior for bringing this to my attention)